The Coaches Success Society

Become a successful sought-after coach who confidently coaches their clients to get results.

Get Access to ICF Accredited Training, Ready-to-Use Coaching Toolkits, a Vibrant Peer Community and World-Class Coaching Resources

You became a coach because you feel passionate about helping others to achieve their goals.

Yet deep down, you worry that you’re not good enough and that you’re just another face in a sea of coaches.

You feel there’s something missing and so you keep downloading freebies and get side-tracked by the latest shiny object. All the while distracting yourself from doing the real work that gets clients, equips you with accredited skills and gives you predictable income and profit.

We’ve been where you are right now. As owners of our own successful coaching practices, we know businesses go through growing pains just like humans do.

Some of it’s messy and some of it’s down right painful.

But what if you could skip the pimply, erratic, emotional rollercoaster of business adolescence and easily fast track to the confident assurance of the predictable success stage of your business?

Business success can be easy when you have the right frameworks, techniques, tools and support in place to reliably and consistently deliver credible results for your clients.

When your clients get results – you get results.

We’ll show you how!

Imagine being able to confidently deliver transformational coaching that you know will consistently help your clients to get the results they hire you to help them achieve.

What if you could quickly identify how to best serve your clients for the fastest, most impactful results by using frameworks that show you exactly where to focus your coaching sessions.

Instead of wondering how to structure your coaching sessions, you can use  ICF, ACCPH and ABNLP accredited coaching processes and techniques that give you a solid structure for your coaching sessions and the results your clients achieve will have the testimonials rolling in.

You know the importance of equipping yourself with the proven coaching tools and resources that enable you to consistently create lasting transformation.

You are frustrated spending energy and effort creating time consuming questionnaires and interviews to figure out the puzzle of what your clients truly want and the transformation they desire.

Now you’re looking for a more effective way to serve your clients, consistently help them get results and grow your business. You want an easy way to confidently sign new coaching clients on repeat because of the results you get.

Your clients are looking for a coach who is credible, confident and helps them achieve the results they desire.

The problem is, it’s no good asking your clients to have confidence and belief in themselves, when you don’t believe in YOUR self (hello Imposter syndrome!!!).

We got it!

You want to:

Help your clients get amazing results.

Become known as the ‘to go’ coach in your niche.

Be up to date with the latest, most transformational coaching techniques.

Coach confidently, knowing that your coaching works.

The Coaches Success Society is your one-stop solution for knowing exactly what to do to get your clients results.

We offer ICF-accredited training, proven templates, and a supportive community of coaching professionals, empowering you to become a sought-after coach in your niche.


Joining the membership has been a game-changer for me. The supervision and guidance I received from Lara and Rebecca have been key in refining my coaching approach. Thanks to the business masterclasses, I’ve successfully sold out my coaching program for the first time ever! A huge thank you to the entire team for their unwavering support.


I truly feel more empowered and confident as a coach and the tools you’ve given me have helped me immensely in being able to craft my sessions and gain clarity on who I am as a coach and how I serve.


How would it feel knowing that you had:

Proven Coaching Frameworks from our ICF and ABNLP accredited tools and training that elevate your credibility and confidence and give your clients life changing results and long term transformation and have amazing testimonials rolling in.

Comprehensive coaching resources. Access a treasure trove of done-for-you coaching kits, templates, and frameworks that outline exactly what to do with clients in various situations. Save time and energy by leveraging these proven materials, so you can focus on what you do best: coaching.

Exclusive training and support. Learn from master coach trainers and business experts through our self-paced training modules, interactive workshops, and coaching calls. Stay on top of the latest coaching trends, methodologies, and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your clients happy.

Regular Masterclasses from industry experts so you have access to credible specialists’ feedback and input into your personal and business development.

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded coaches in our members-only forum. Share experiences, ask questions, practice and receive coaching and collaborate with fellow coaches to enhance your skills and expand your network.

Stand out from the competition by earning our prestigious coaching certification. For an additional investment, you’ll have the opportunity to complete our globally recognised certification process, demonstrating your commitment to excellence and boosting your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Done for you systems that quickly and easily pinpoint exactly where to focus time and effort in your business to save money and energy and give you back hours of freedom.

Feedback and business insights, giving you access to personalised guidance so that you can create consistent revenue and run a profitable, thriving business. Access to this level of expert business consultancy usually costs thousands.

Leverage our proven, plug-and-play strategic and tactical templates tailored for coaches to confidently build their businesses. These frameworks enable you to expertly manage your business, enhance client impact, and maximise profits with ease and efficiency.

Our $49 per month Membership gives you access to a vibrant Coach Community, Coaching Practice and Feedback, Coaching Supervision, Expert Advice, Coaching & Business Masterclasses and Professional Coach Development.

I can’t recommend the membership enough! The coaching masterclasses have not only improved my skills but also given my confidence a much needed boost. I’m realising that I can blend my existing skills and knowledge into coaching offers that sell. The resources and supportive community are invaluable and have helped me achieve my dream of running a fully booked coaching business.



The blend of coaching supervision and practical business strategies has empowered me to elevate my coaching services and I’m much more confident about how I can help my clients. A special shoutout to Lara and Rebecca for their insightful guidance and helping me to think outside the box when creating my packages


Being able to ask questions and get advice about what to do next with my clients is worth the membership fee alone. And hearing case studies from other coaches adds to my coaching knowledge too.


The Q&A sessions are invaluable. Even though I don’t always have questions of my own at the start of the session, once we start, the questions start flowing. So grateful for the opportunity to hear from others and the advice being given is GOLD!


What’s included in the Coaches Success Society Membership?


Coaching Supervision

As a professional coach, you know the importance and value of having coaching supervision. Our coaching supervision sessions give you the opportunity to share real-life coaching case studies so that we can advise you about the tools or techniques you can use next. This is especially helpful when you have a client who is stuck or when you’re undecided about the next best step to take to help your clients to achieve the results they desire. These group sessions provide a powerful learning and development experience for everyone who attends. Hosted live monthly, with 24/5 Q&A supervision support.

Coaching Masterclasses

In these practical, interactive coaching masterclasses, you’ll discover new coaching tools and resources that you can use for yourself, with your 1:1 clients and in groups.

We provide you with the done for you templates and then teach you exactly how to apply them right away in your coaching practice. Many of our coaches use them as the foundation of new offers or build them into existing packages and programs to achieve more powerful results with their clients. Held monthly to build your coaching skills.

Business Masterclasses

As a coach, you want to help your clients achieve the results they desire, and you also want to create a thriving, profitable business that enables you to achieve your financial and growth goals.

You’ll access self-paced training modules and then participate in a live business masterclass. Each masterclass focuses on the tactical and practical elements that you must develop in your business to generate sustainable profit. Held monthly, with step by step guidance for your stage of business development.

Coach and Be Coached Practice Pods

Hone and integrate your coaching skills in our twice-monthly practice pods. You’ll have the opportunity to experience each coaching tool and technique we share with you in our coaching masterclasses in real time as both a coach and as a client. This ensures that you feel confident and competent implementing them with your own clients.

The added bonus? You’ll be coached along the way by your peers and have the opportunity to receive guidance and feedback live. It’s a win-win-win!

Offer Creation, Book Club, Q&A Sessions

In the Coaches Success Society, each month focuses on a core coaching topic with tools and frameworks you can implement into your coaching toolkit and apply in your coaching business right away. Our focus is on helping you to develop your skills and knowledge so that you can can become the best coach you can be.

For this reason, we also share tailored resources from experts in the field, help you to craft and provide feedback on your coaching offers and answer your questions 24 hours / 5 days a week. It’s powerful, proven combination that works.

The Coaches Success Society is committed to empowering coaches with the resources they need to inspire change and transform lives.


Embark on this exciting journey and join a community of coaching professionals who share your passion for making a difference.

Your Complete Coaching Success Toolkit

Discover a comprehensive range of resources designed to help you excel as a coach

ICF, ACCPH and ABNLP accredited training modules covering various coaching niches, methodologies, and strategies

Ready-to-use templates for coaching agreements, session plans, and client assessments

An exclusive community of like-minded coaching professionals for networking and support

Meet the Founders

Lara and Rebecca

Hi there I’m Lara Young, Master Coach and Coach Trainer, Founder of the Mindset Coach Academy and Co-Founder of The Mindset Dimensions Diagnostic Report. I’ve been coaching and training coaches for over 30 years across the globe.

I recently moved back across the world to my home country of Australia after 20 years in the UK.

The UK is where I met Rebecca, where she’s also been coaching for over 20 years.

As a Masters Level Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, she’s coached corporate brands and CEOs across many industries to implement profitable business and people strategies.

What makes us similar is not just our vast coaching experience, it’s our love for tactical and practical business strategy that creates predictable results.

Our shared passion is helping coaches create business success.

When I founded the Mindset Coach Academy, I knew that coaches needed a robust mindset coaching toolkit that far surpassed talking about positive thinking or creating vision boards. They needed a globally recognised certification that equipped them with the skills to be able transform their client’s thinking, beliefs, behaviours, values, habits, emotion and energy.

And they also needed a way to measure mindset, without having to cobble together different psychometrics and questionnaires. And so the Mindset Dimensions Report was created.

While I was busy doing that, Rebecca was recognising that small businesses didn’t have access to the same growth tools and opportunities as her corporate clients and so she became accredited in Predictable Success™ with the intention of creating an easy and affordable way for small businesses to benefit from this knowledge.

And then it hit me!

What if we teamed up to create the ultimate profitable coaching success framework?

Coaching Supervision, Training, Templates, Done for You Resources, Accountability, Diagnostics and Processes that coaches can use for themselves to grow their business, their confidence and their client’s results.


The Coaches Success Society was born.

It’s what we both wish we had when we started out in business.

We wanted to bring these powerful, coach certifications, coaching diagnostics and business success tools to coaches in an affordable package without diluting the richness of the Coaching Toolkit, NLP Training, the Mindset Dimensions Report™ or the Predictable Success™ framework.

So we took the transformational Mindset Dimensions Report – the secret weapon that gives you the ability to accurately pinpoint the exact hidden blocks holding your clients back from achieving their goals.

AND our ICF, NLP and ACCPH accredited coaching frameworks to help your clients create change FAST so that they can accelerate their results – and yours.

And blended it all with the sustainable and profitable business success strategies you need to grow your coaching business.

It’s a credible, profitable formula for success.

What’s included?

Coaching supervision, feedback and support – never second guess your next steps with a client again. ($499)

Coaching Masterclasses so you can hone your skills and implement the most up to date coaching tools and resources into your coaching practice. ($399)

Business Building Masterclasses to create consistent, predictable profitability, keep you accountable and enable you achieve your vision of success. ($399)

ABNLP and ICF accredited tools, frameworks and training so you can apply credible, reliable tools in your coaching practice ($999)

Business growth tools and frameworks so you can build a profitable business that works for you ($399)

Ongoing support, accountability and feedback in our Facebook Community so that you can coach more effectively than ever before ($499)

Total Value Per Year: $3194

Now: $49 per month

The Coaches Success Society is more like a group coaching program than a membership – all for just $49 per month!

And the value doesn’t stop there, because when you join us, you also get:

Live and interactive Coaching Practice Pods hosted by Master Coaches to hone and develop your coaching skills with members of the Coaches Success Society.

Done for you coaching plans and session outlines

Mindset hacks and support to cultivate your own success mindset.

Access to coaching hot-seats and coaching demonstrations.

Access to a discounted rate for the full ICF-Accredited Mindset Dimensions Practitioner Certification and Mindset Coach Certification

What do people say?

Lara and Rebecca are marvellous at giving feedback and ‘holding the space’ in which to encourage the budding skills and the MAJOR self-doubt of a learner coach! Lara and Rebecca are very good at tuning into where the individual coach is at, so whether you are brand new to coaching or already a practising coach in your current work life, they facilitate growth and kindness within your coaching practice.



When are the Calls held?

The calls are held at the same time and day of each month to suit Coaches Success Society members across the globe.

The month begins with a Coaching Supervision call, then our Coaching Masterclass, followed by our Business Building Masterclass.

There is pre-work to complete before each call, which is usually a video to watch or an activity to do so that we can hit the ground running when we go live.

The final week of the month is dedicated to Q&A.


What if I miss a call?

Life happens. If you miss a call, the replay will be posted into our membership portal for you to access at any time.

For our coaching supervision calls, we will share the topics covered and the time they were discussed so that you can jump straight to the topics you’re interested in.

What are the Monthly Topics?

Once you join the Coaches Success Society, you’ll receive a timetable with the upcoming monthly topics.

Examples are beliefs, values and consistency.


When is support available?

We offer support 24 hours a day / 5 days a week. This means that we can answer your questions within a 24 hour period except on Weekends when we spend time with our families.

Does it matter if I'm not a certified coach?

No, it does not matter if you are not a certified coach. Our society is designed to support individuals at various stages of their coaching journey, including those who are exploring coaching as a career. We believe in the value of diverse experiences and perspectives, regardless of formal certification.

Do I need to have coaching clients to join the society?

No, having existing coaching clients is not a requirement to join the Coaches Success Society. Our community is a place for growth and development, suitable for both seasoned coaches and those just starting out. Whether you’re looking to gain your first client or expand your current client base, our society provides resources and support to help you succeed.

The Membership is based on 12 months participation. Why is this?

The 12-month commitment is designed to ensure that members have ample time to fully engage with and benefit from all the resources and support offered by the Coaches Success Society. This duration allows members to experience the full value of the tools, resources and content, networking opportunities, and professional development, leading to more impactful and sustainable growth in their coaching careers.

Can new coaches join the Coaches Success Society?

Yes, absolutely! New coaches are very much welcome in the Coaches Success Society. Our community is an ideal platform for those starting their coaching journey. We provide a range of resources, training, and support tailored to help new coaches develop their skills, build confidence, and establish a strong foundation in their coaching career.

Is the Coaches Success Society for coaches in a specific niche?

No, our society is not limited to any specific niche. We welcome coaches from all niches and backgrounds. Whether you specialise in life coaching, executive coaching, health and wellness, or any other area, you’ll find a supportive environment and resources that are relevant to your unique coaching practice. This diversity enriches our community, providing a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences.


What time zones do the calls happen in?

Our calls and sessions are scheduled to accommodate a wide range of time zones. We strive to ensure that members from various parts of the world can participate conveniently. The exact times and time zones for the calls will be provided in advance, and we also offer recordings for those who cannot attend live sessions. This approach ensures that all members, regardless of their location, have access to the valuable insights and interactions that occur during these calls.

I'm an experienced coach. How can I benefit from joining?

Experienced coaches will find great value in our society through advanced professional development, networking opportunities, and access to a diverse community of coaching professionals. We offer workshops, and resources that are designed to challenge and grow even the most seasoned coaches. Additionally, sharing your expertise with others in the community can be a rewarding experience, enhancing your own coaching practice and leadership skills.


Is the Coaching Supervision confidential?

Yes, 100%. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our coaching supervision and all interactions within the Coaches Success Society. We adhere to strict confidentiality policies to ensure that all discussions, client information, and professional exchanges are kept private and secure. This allows for a safe and trusting environment where coaches can openly discuss challenges, seek advice, and share experiences without concern.